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9-Stage Research

The Dohring Company was a full-service, custom market research company. One of the keys to the company's success was that it executed each project from start to finish following The Dohring Company's 9-Stage Research System, a unique, professional approach to market research that allowed the company to tailor each project to accomplish the specific research objectives of each client. The following is a detailed overview of the 9-Stage Research System that was used by The Dohring Company.

Stage 1: Definition of Project Objectives

The success of any research project depends upon the correct definition of essential project objectives. Prior to moving forward with a project, The Dohring Company personnel ensured that they completely understand the client's objectives for the research. What the client specifically wanted to accomplish, what information was most vital to his or her needs, and any special issues to be addressed were carefully reviewed. This thorough definition of objectives allowed the company to obtain the most valuable and useful results.

Stage 2: Determination of the Appropriate Direction and Methodology to Accomplish the Objectives of the Study

During this stage, the sampling techniques and research methodology were designed to the client's satisfaction. The company's extensive in-house capabilities provided a comprehensive set of options to satisfy the most exacting specifications.

Stage 3: Questionnaire Development

Questions were carefully designed by experienced research professionals in order to achieve the precise objectives of the project. The wording and phrasing of each question was carefully constructed to assure optimum results. These questions were then presented for client review and approval.

Stage 4: Pre-Testing and Fine Tuning

At this stage, all questions were thoroughly pre-tested to verify reliability. The wording, sequencing, and effectiveness of the questions were carefully assessed. Refinements were made, as needed, to assure complete validity and reliability of the client's results.

Stage 5: Data Collection

In conducting telephone research, The Dohring Company knew just how important quality interviews were to obtaining accurate results. Excellent communication skills were essential to meeting the company's high standards. Therefore it used its own in-house, company-trained survey professionals. In addition, interviewers were trained by the company's own specialists on each individual project. The survey staff fully understood research and the objectives of each study, ensuring the highest quality results possible. Furthermore, quality assurance specialists closely monitored in-progress interviews to guarantee a far superior end-product.

In conducting Internet research, questions were answered directly by the respondents and therefore no training of interviewers was required. The setup and layout of the survey was of great importance in this case, since it was self-administered by respondents. Our professionals took great care in presenting the questions in a user-friendly format, both technically and visually, while at the same time building into the survey complex skip patterns and other fundamental research requisites behind the scenes to maintain the integrity of the research process. In addition, surveys were password-protected to ensure only the correct respondents could access any online survey. Vanishing passwords were also available to safeguard against the same respondent taking the same survey multiple times.

Stage 6: Coding, Data Entry, and Tabulation

Survey responses were carefully coded, entered, and tabulated using state-of-the-art techniques. The level of technical detail was determined by the client's research needs. Using advanced statistical analysis software, experienced staff could provide anything from basic tabulation to more complex statistical analysis.

Stage 7: Analysis

At this stage, the tabulated data was analyzed and evaluated to reveal characteristics and applications relevant to the client's project objectives. A wide range of analysis was available: from a basic summary of the findings to more sophisticated statistical analysis and reporting.

Stage 8: Comprehensive Written Reporting

The company's reports were designed to emphasize significant findings in an understandable format. Even the results of more complex statistical analysis were presented in a clear, concise manner. The company's customized reporting emphasized usable, meaningful results. Graphs and charts were available to enhance the overall understanding and usefulness of the findings.

Stage 9: Presentation of Final Results

An experienced professional then personally presented the final report to the client. The study, including the company's recommendations for its implementation, was thoroughly reviewed with the client to assure his or her complete understanding of the results.

Following these procedures, each research project was customized to meet the specific objectives of the client, taking into account the many variables of project type, size, scope and methodology most appropriate for the project.

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